General terms

  1. The following Terms of Service are the terms and conditions of use of the hosting service.

  2. The services are being provided by SP Trade Paweł Ściegienny, Gwardii Ludowej 92, 41-303 Dąbrowa Górnicza, being listed in the entrepreneurship registry at the position 36485/2009, hereinafter known as

  3. is registered with VAT ID: PL6292406001 and REGON: 241306608.

  4. The Customer is defined by these Terms of Service as a subject being provided with services by

  5. The Consumer is a natural person applying for services that are not directly connected to the professional or business activities of that person.

  6. The definition of the WWW service is allowing the Customer to use the storage space and services available on the server.

  7. The definition of the Virtual Private Server (VPS) service is allowing the Customer to use the storage space and a fixed share of the Random Access Memory (RAM) and CPU processing power, available on the server.

  8. The definition of the dedicated server service is allowing the Customer to use a physical server rented by

  9. The definition of the e-mail account service is allowing the Customer to use an e-mail mailbox.

  10. Internet access is required to use the services.

  11. All other services provided by are negotiated individually.

  12. Placing an order is equal to binding to a contract for a given service between the Customer and All the conditions are available on the website.

  13. By binding to the contract, the Customer proclaims that they have read these Terms of Service and accept them as a whole.

  14. The Consumer may cancel the contract within 14 days of its start date.

  15. By accepting the Terms of Service, the Customer declares that they agree for their personal data to be used for marketing purposes.

  16. Changes to these Terms of Service take effect immediately.

  17. The binding version of these Terms is their original text, written in Polish.

  18. Translations of these Terms to other languages are available only for information purposes.

  19. The subscription period is the maximal period of time, in which the Customer may use the resources being made available to them.

  20. The traffic limit is the maximal inward and outward traffic allowed without and surcharges, caused by the Customer and visitors to their server.

Personal data protection

  1. The customer has the responsibility of providing their personal data. processes this data and requires its update in case of any change. The data can be updated in the Customer panel.

Breaking the law

  1. The Customer agrees to use the services with accordance to the law of the Republic of Poland and the European Union.

  2. In case of detecting content not conforming to these Terms, may remove given user's account, notify the Customer by e-mail about the cause of removal, and NOT REFUND the fee for the remaining agreement period.

  3. In case of any controversies, a suspension of an account will follow until the resolution of a given matter.

  4. It is recommended to avoid using any controversial content such as erotic, pornography, warez.


  1. Orders are being processed as soon as possible after receiving the payment by

  2. Within 14 days the contract can be cancelled, and the payment refunded to the Customer following their demand. However, the refund may take place only if the server traffic would not exceed 1 GiB of data, with an exception of the Customers using the 14-day trial period.

  3. Invoices are issued after receiving the payment by

Contract extensions

  1. The Customer may extend their current contract period starting with its last 30 days or, in case of running out of traffic limit, the extension may take the form of granting an additional traffic portion.

  2. An account is blocked to external traffic after expiration of the contract period. The Customer has then 14 days to download their data from the server, following its deletion.


  1. Please transfer the payments to the following account:
    SP Trade Paweł Ściegienny
    ul. Gwardii Ludowej 92
    41-303 Dąbrowa Górnicza
    61 1140 2004 0000 3502 6372 1068
    Please provide your username in the reference field. Your payments might not be recognised otherwise!

  2. Credit card and e-transfer payments are processed using the Dotpay Payments Centre.

  3. Electronic payments might be performed using the form Payments in the Customer panel.

  4. reserves the right to change prices of the services, however, during a contract period it would not cause any additional cost to the Customer. When a contract is being extended, new prices are being taken into account from then on.

Prohibited behaviour

  1. The Customer must not try to break the security systems of the services.

  2. The Customer must not act destructively to the server on purpose.

  3. The Customer must not prevent the others from accessing the services on purpose.

  4. It is not allowed to insult the service administrators under the penalty of account suspension for the period of 30 days.

  5. In case of breaching any point of these Terms, reserves the right to refuse providing the services without any refund.


  1. In the matter of domain registration, co-operates with OVH Sp. z o.o., ul. Szkocka 5 lok. 1, 54-402 Wrocław, known hereinafter as OVH.

  2. During the first domain registration, the Customer agrees for their personal data to be processed by OVH for the purpose of domain registration.

  3. promises to undertake every means possible for the Customer's personal data to be processed solely for the domain registration purposes.

  4. The Customer is required to read the following document:

Final clauses

  1. The contract parties are required to abide by the law of the Republic of Poland and the European Union.

  2. All disputes are resolved through standard complaints procedure.

  3. These Terms of Service take effect from 9 January 2012.